30 July 2013 — Sydney Fish Market has introduced waste management technology to reduce the site’s landfill contribution by recycling polystyrene box waste into reusable plastic material.

Following a successful six-month trial in which 28 tonnes of polystyrene was recycled, the specialist recycling machine has become a permanent fixture at Sydney Fish Market.

“Over 100,000 polystyrene boxes will be recycled at Sydney Fish Market every year under this new initiative,” said Sydney Fish Market general manager Bryan Skepper. “That’s enough to fill 150 20-foot shipping containers.”

The machine transforms polystyrene boxes by heating and compressing them into small blocks that can be re-sold and manufactured into a variety of plastic products such as stationary items, plant pots and coat hangers.

The initiative is part of a wider waste management plan Sydney Fish Market has devised in partnership with waste management specialists Resource Environmental Solutions to help reach its environmental sustainability goals.

Over the next two year further recycling equipment will be introduced to Sydney Fish Market with the intention that within three years 40 per cent of all waste from the market will be recycled.

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