Wyndham Civic Centre

18 November 2013 — The Wyndham Civic Centre in Melbourne is the first project registered under the Green Building Council of Australia’s new Performance rating tool, but another 30 are waiting in the wings.

The tool, which was officially launched in October, is designed to improve the operational performance of already existing buildings.

While Wyndham City Council is the first to sign up to the pilot, the GBCA expects another 30 or so to be announced within the next few weeks.

Wyndham Mayor Bob Fairclough said the council had a strong existing sustainability strategy, and was excited to be the first Performance user.

“As part of the Wyndham Environment and Sustainability Strategy, Wyndham City is aiming for a 40 per cent reduction in corporate greenhouse gas emissions by 2015 and a $2.47 million federal government [Community Energy Efficiency Program] grant will allow us to convert the City’s 12,088 street lights to compact energy efficient fluorescent tubes,” Mr Fairclough said.

GBCA chief executive Romilly Madew said, “Wyndham City Council has shown exceptional leadership, and achieving one of the first Green Star – Performance ratings will enable Council to identify and upgrade the operational performance of a valuable community asset in areas such as energy, water, waste reduction and indoor environment quality.”