22 October 2012 – Updated: The Fifth Estate will on Tuesday this week in Sydney and Wednesday in Melbourne launch Australia’s first guide to the extraordinary potential of Environmental Upgrade Agreements.

These are the finance mechanisms that could ignite a retrofit bonanza worth billions of dollars over the coming years and unlock hundreds of new business opportunities that may not otherwise exist.

Backed by legislation in Melbourne and NSW, EUAs allow repayments for loans for environmental upgrades to buildings to be tied to council rates.

For landlords it’s a “no-brainer”, as NSW Environment Minister Robyn Parker said in March. For tenants, it’s guaranteed savings on energy bills.

This is a time that half of Australia’s B and C grade buildings are nearing 20 years of age, their “use-by” date for much of their plant and equipment. It’s also a time of rising energy costs and a regulatory regime that requires increasingly sustainable buildings.

It’s also a time of unparalleled business opportunities for the sustainable property industry.

For more information about EUAs and which local councils support them, see:



About the report
Produced as an ebook this report will cover the amazing business potential of the EUAs. It is anticipated to be the industry’s bible and number one reference guide for building investors, owners, tenants and facility managers.

The report will outline all the opportunities presented by EUAs and explain how to negotiate a win-win situation for all involved. It will canvass issues such as the type of refurbishments that suit particular buildings; the finance and accounting profiles for potential deals and how to engage the various stakeholders to bring projects to fruition.

It will also expose the stumbling blocks and barriers and deal with them, one by one.

The format for the EUA report will consist of:

  • At least 60 pages of strong editorial.
  • Posting prominently on The Fifth Estate website
  • Permanent inclusion of articles in our searchable data base
  • Ability to print on demand, via instant high quality PDF formatting.

Sponsorship and Advertising

Opportunities exist for a small number of organisations to be involved in this special ebook from both a sponsorship and advertising perspective. This will be a unique opportunity to demonstrate your capability and the part you can play in this emerging field.

For more information email: sbarnett@thefifthestate.com.au