11 September 2012 — Energy rating certificates for new homes will be more simple, more robust and less open to manipulation thanks to a new system introduced by the Association of Building Sustainability Assessors. Association chief executive officer Rodger Hills said now only a fully accredited assessor could access the online Rating Certification System and produce a rating. “Once an assessor has input all the necessary thermal performance data about a project the RCS produces a Digital Stamp. On the stamp is a certification number which is a unique check-digit (which) council staff can input into the ABSA website and validate the rating presented on the plans by seeing if the rating also exists in the database.” Mr Hills said it had come to light that there had been circumstances where assessors had lost their accreditation with ABSA, yet continued to use their stamp on application plans. “ABSA has responded quickly to close these loopholes and eliminate these potential process flaws by creating this new unique RCS,” he said