Peter Johnstone

2 October 2012 — Peter Johnstone has joined SLR Consulting Australia taking on the dual roles of technical director – Mine Waste and Water, and business sector leader – Industry.

A civil engineer, Mr Johnstone has 32 years’ experience in mining and in the concrete and quarrying industry with roles at Boral, Curragh Qld Mining, Worsley Alumina, BMA Coal, Alcan Engineering, Rio Tinto Alcan, AECOM and AMEC.

He has worked in planning, design, construction, operations, closure and environmental and project management.

Mr Johnstone said he chose civil engineering out of a desire to provide civil infrastructure to benefit society and has expanded that through environmental management roles and an MBA, into a larger focus of helping industry to provide the metals, minerals, energy and water demanded by both modern and developing societies in a responsible and sustainable manner.

As business sector leader – Industry, he will be involved in the mining and metals sector, yet aims to broaden his “safe, efficient and environmentally responsible” theme to the industry sector.

Mr Johnstone will also focus on building and strengthening SLR’s service delivery to clients in the mining and industry sectors in the eastern states of Australia, south-east Asia and the Pacific.

He is accompanied by his former team members principal environmental scientist Alma Joglekar and principal goetech/tailings engineer Jerry Wang.