Craig Roussac

6 March 2012 – The Investa Sustainability Institute has launched a digital tool called Pulse that tracks the patterns of electricity use in office buildings which it updates daily for building operators.

The institute’s director, Craig Roussac said: ”This new feature will be of great value to engineers, building landlords and experts striving for low-carbon cities worldwide.

“The energy bills for Sydney’s largest buildings are over $1 million a year, so opportunities for large financial returns can be achieved by improving the effectiveness of building management,” he said.

“What we are doing here might look simple, but the practice draws from nearly a decade of measuring and monitoring what really makes a building greener. We’ve learnt that sustainability in our sector doesn’t have to mean a fancy façade or expensive technology.”

While a few landmark green developments were built each year, there were thousands of office towers which urgently needed to go greener by cutting power use, he said.

“Building managers may miss the opportunity for energy savings in existing systems because there is little visibility in the system’s technical performance.

“Green Buildings Alive merges data science, visualisations and building management techniques in one tool. Updating every 24 hours, building energy data is provided to building operators allowing them to see the effects of adjustments they make.”


The Investa Sustainability Institute launched its on-line Green Buildings Alive tool in 2010. It is an interactive hub of graphs, raw data and information about the energy and water use and carbon emissions of Australia’s buildings.

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