Paris turns up heat on cycling chic

Daily “Terror” (Tele) readers and pals take note, riding bikes has made it to one of the world’s fashion capitals, and we all know what that means in a trend-hungry marketplace looking for style to back up substance. According to the latest CityLab alert from The Atlantic Parisians can now get reimbursed for 33 per cent of the cost of an electric bike, as part of program to get with the peddle strength (with help).

It’s part of a city program that will pump €150 million (US$164.5 million) into cycling infrastructure and support over the next five years to make Paris far easier, safer and more attractive for cyclists.

“Between now and 2020, Paris will add 80 kilometres of new, improved routes,” the report says.

“Junctions with traffic lights will be equipped with 7000 new alternative corner crossings that allow cyclists to turn without waiting for lights to turn green. Where these are not in place, cyclists will benefit from priority at all lights.”

And speed limits for all will be cut to 30 km an hour.

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