WEC secretary general Chistopher Frei.

16 September 2013 — The World Energy Council, a UN-accredited global energy body, has voiced concern over a slowdown in energy efficiency improvements.

The council’s message is based on findings of a report they will publish next month in collaboration with ADEME, the French environment agency.

“Over recent years there has been a general slowdown in energy efficiency improvements,” said WEC secretary general Dr Christoph Frei. “The main concern is that absolute energy demand is still growing, driven by rapid non-OECD economic growth.”

The report, “World Energy Perspectives: Energy Efficiency Policies”, reviewed the latest energy intensity trends and analysed the policies in 85 countries representing more than 95 per cent of global consumption.

It found that since 1990, energy productivity improvements have helped avoid 9.6 gigatonnes of carbon emissions.

While it found there have been significant energy savings, the report also highlighted the need for much more to be done to unlock the potential of energy efficiency to deliver energy and carbon savings.

“While the progress highlighted in this report is encouraging, it is clearly not enough,” Dr Frei said. “We will need to develop new policies and strategies to meet the challenge of securing tomorrow’s energy today.”

WEC and ADEME will release the report next month, with its findings informing discussions at the World Energy Congress in Korea.

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