26 August 2013 — The Commonwealth Bank has met its 20 per cent carbon reduction target five months early through a wide range of energy efficiency projects.

According to EdieEnergy, the bank’s target represented a reduction of 34,550 tonnes of carbon emissions, which it reached in January of this year.

By the end of financial year, the bank had surpassed its target by an additional 10,658 tonnes of CO2 equivalent.

Energy efficiency projects carried out at its offices and branches drove the company’s reductions, including the lighting replacement Green Refresh Program.

The company has also upgraded the heating, ventilation and airconditioning systems in 50 branches and 12 commercial buildings.

Vehicle efficiencies have also been carried out, with the replacement of approximately 1000 six cylinder vehicles with four cylinder vehicles in its “tool of trade fleet”.

Efficiencies were also achieved with the relocation of over 19,000 employees from 19 buildings across Sydney to three purpose-built, sustainable campuses, which the firm claims is one of the most ambitious corporate consolidations in Australia.

Chief executive Ian Narev said: “We have reached our 20 per cent carbon reduction target that we set in 2009 and we continue to look for ways to improve our environmental footprint. We actively support the transition to a low-carbon economy.”

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