Professor Lesley Hughes, ecologist at Macquarie University, and volunteer at Climate Council

1 October 2013 – The newly formed Climate Council is searching for a communications manager and researchers after raising $1 million through crowd sourcing in early October.

The new independent and not-for-profit Climate Council is a reincarnation of the Climate Commission that was axed by the federal government and is now spreading its wings, wanting to raise public awareness about climate change science.

Funds will also be spent on researchers and developing reports.

The council will continue to rely on donations as it no longer has access to the $1.6 million in annual taxpayer funding received by the commission.

Climate Council chief executive Amanda McKenzie said in a statement that  20,000 Australians had made donations with the average around $50.

“Australians have demanded to know what is happening to the planet,” she said.

Former commissioners, including climate scientists Will Steffen and Lesley Hughes and former BP Australasia president Gerry Hueston will volunteer their time to the new organisation.

The Climate Council says in its advertisement for the communications manager that it aims to become the “world leader in effective climate change communication, including the translation of complex science so that people and policy makers can make informed decisions related to climate change.”
It said it is looking for several key staff to contribute to the public discourse on climate change.

“The Climate Council has an incredible opportunity to significantly improve Australia’s understanding of both the problem and solutions, as well as to demonstrate best practice to other communicators the world over,” it said.

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