A boom in solar panel installations was “a revolution nobody saw coming”, the Climate Commission report says.

7 August 2013 — A new Climate Commission report says that “a quiet energy revolution” has been taking place in Australia, with over one million households – roughly 2.6 million people – now getting energy from solar panels, up from 8000 in 2007.

The report said the explosion in solar PV was due to a number of factors, including reducing costs and government policies including the renewable energy target, the carbon price and feed-in tariffs.

“Australia’s large solar energy resources offer considerable potential, which is now starting to be realised,” said Climate Chief Commissioner Tim Flannery.

“This report provides an overview of the rapidly changing solar industry, including international developments and opportunities for Australia to better utilise and benefit from solar resources in the future.”

Key findings of the report were:

  • Solar photovoltaic systems have become more and more affordable
  • Australia’s solar industry is growing rapidly, exceeding all expectations and opening opportunities for households, business and job growth
  • Globally, a move towards significantly greater use of solar energy is inevitable
  • Solar will become a more and more important part of the Australian energy mix into the future
  • Solar energy systems are poised to play an important role in tackling climate change

The full report can be viewed here.

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