Clare Parry

26 April 2012 – Umow Lai engineer Clare Parry has been certified as a Passive House designer, one of only two in the country, after completing an intensive two-week course in Auckland, NZ.

The move follows the appointment of the firm as designers of Grocon’s Delta residential building in Melbourne’s Swanston Street.

Ms Parry said the key to the passivehaus concept, which originated in Europe, was to go further than almost any other sustainable design methodology and achieve energy savings 90 per cent lower than normal.

“The whole concept is about creating an isolated indoor climate, one that doesn’t respond to fluctuations, or even extremes, in the outdoor environment,” Ms Parry said.

The course, designed for professionals, included a site visit to a passive house under construction.

Worldwide there are 30,000 buildings constructed according to passivehaus principles, including schools, offices, residential towers and many homes. However, in Australia  activity is limited.