26 October 2011 – Scientific American reports that the US Central Intelligence Agency is keeping its assessment of climate change secret.

“In 2009, the CIA established a Center on Climate Change and National Security dedicated to researching the implications of rising sea levels, declining agricultural yields and other climate change impacts,” the journal says. But the results of that work are  “currently and properly classified and must be denied in its entirety,” the CIA said in response to a request for information.

“But is it a secret that satellites and ground observations show a meltdown in Arctic sea ice that will open new shipping lanes—and securityconcerns—for the first time in recorded history? To take just one example,” the article says.

“Climate change impacts and their security implications appear almost wherever science looks. In fact, physicist Richard Muller and his group at the University of California at Berkeley confirmed this week that global average temperatures have been rising. Again. That’s no secret.

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