Professor Ma Jianguo, Li Jiajun, Kevin Scarce, Zhu Liping, Ian Gould and David Lloyd.

5 March 2013 — The China-Australia Centre for Sustainable Urban Development has been opened at the University of South Australia.

The centre is a $2 million joint venture between the University of South Australia and China’s Tianjin University which will develop advanced research and expertise in sustainable urban development.

Vice chancellor and president David Lloyd said the partnership would build research capacity in a field that was both environmentally and regionally significant.

“Reports have shown that improvements in waste-management, transport infrastructure, and building design and planning, offer by far the biggest potential for cost effective greenhouse gas reductions,” Professor Lloyd said.

“With the world’s largest population, these are core issues for China and for Australia, as one of the highest greenhouse gas emitters per capita, sustainability is vital.”

Professor Lloyd said by 2025 the Asia-Pacific region would account for almost half of the global economy’s output, as the largest producer of goods and services and the planet’s largest consumers.

“For these reasons the issue of sustainability is fundamental to our future prosperity and that is why establishing the China-Australia Centre for Sustainable Urban Development is as visionary as it is timely,” he said.

Centre director Steffen Lehmann said it would be the base for many PhD researchers from Australia, China and other parts of our region in the next five years.

“Our aim is to work across disciplines to bring together new thoughts and ideas – to look at the science, the social psychology, and the economics that provide the threads for more sustainable urban living,” Professor Lehmann said.

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