According to the Climate Institute, many Australians do not understand how seriously and aggressively countries such as China and South Korea are chasing technological and competitive edge in low carbon markets.

“China for example is emerging as one of the world’s clean energy superpowers, overtaking Japan at the leading producer of solar PV cells and attracting the third largest share of global annual renewable energy investment in
2008 (over US$15 billion), the Climate Institute says in it’s Global Climate Action facts sheet.

“In 2008 China also doubled its wind energy capacity for the fifth year in a row, ensuring its target of 10 GW was reached two years early. China now has almost twice as much installed renewable energy capacity than the US and more than nine times Japan’s capacity. In South Korea, the Government’s recent stimulus package included US$36 billion over four years for environmental initiatives, with a large portion going to clean energy and other low-carbon technology.

See this link for a table summarising climate action of eight developing countries

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