15 February 2012 – The upward spiralling design of China’s highest building, the Shanghai Centre will reduce wind loads and capture rainwater for airconditioning and central heating.

Aurecon has completed the design on the facade of the 632 metre tall centre with Gensler Architects.

More than 100 metres taller than the recently completed Shanghai Financial Centre. it is designed as a sustainable eco-tower that sets a new benchmark not only for the region but also the world.

The project, due for completion in 2015, can be seen at the Lujiazui Financial Centre, in Shanghai. The site is about 30,000 square metres with a floor area above  ground of about 395,000 square metres.

The design was developed to marry the facade with the structure and services systems while, at the same time, achieving architectural and sustainable goals.

The building is comprised of a circular central floor plate enveloped by a suspended outer skin triangular in plan, which twists as it ascends.

The interstitial spaces between the forms are used to create 12 storey atria that act as environmental buffer zones. These sky gardens are for meeting, eating and shopping, cutting down the time people need to travel on elevators.

Aurecon has also undertaken extensive building science and geometric analyses to help resolve the complex issues arising in design.