Ché Wall

19 September 2012 — Green building pioneer and co-founder of the Green Building Council of Australia, Ché Wall, has embarked on a new business venture, setting up a sustainable consulting business with long term colleague Matthew Jessup.

The new company, Flux Consultants, will be Sydney based.

Mr Wall and Mr Jessup notched up 13 years working together at WSP Lincolne Scott, now WSP, where Mr Wall was managing director and Mr Jessup was global head of the firm’s environmental design practice, Built Ecology (previously Advanced Environmental).

The two collaborated on a number of leading green buildings, including Lend Lease’s 30 The Bond in Sydney, Macquarie Bank’s head office at One Shelley Street in Sydney, Melbourne City Council’s CH2 and the Melbourne Convention Centre.

Matt Jessup

Most recently both worked at Lend Lease Sustainability Solutions, along with Maria Atkinson, who also recently left her role as global head of sustainability with the company.

At Lend Lease, Mr Wall and Mr Jessup worked on a number of concepts to “commercialise sustainability” in the built environment, Mr Wall said.

Mr Wall was also instrumental in the development of the Green Star rating tool and was founding chair of the World Green Building Council.

The new company will focus on breaking new ground in sustainable buildings.

“There is no doubt the green building movement has been extremely successful over the last decade in transforming the delivery of new buildings, but there remains a real need to keep moving forward and to continue to be innovative on the technical and commercial aspects of delivery,” Mr Wall said.

“Sustainability in the built environment should always be a moving target and while green is increasingly the norm in new builds and, disappointingly, at times almost a tick-a-box approach, it is time for a fresh round of innovation and creativity to drive the next era in green building and sustainability.”

Flux would bring “analytic rigour coupled with creative execution to environmental design and sustainability”, Mr Wall said.