9 February 2011 –  Grattan Institute chief executive officer John Daley said at a Roads Australia pricing  forum on 31 January that there were many benefits to congestion pricing, including:

  • that congestion imposes large economic costs; congestion pricing could substitute for current fuel excise revenue, and the technology solutions are becoming cheaper
  • The social costs of congestion are also very high, and individuals tend to underestimate the impact on their lives.
  • The Henry Tax Review recommended a congestion tax and heavy vehicle charging by mass and distance.

Among the costs of congestion are: on health through recurrent neck or back pain, high cholesterol, propensity to heart attacks, obesity, wellbeing, not feeling rested, negative moods, lower productivity through absenteeism, poorer cognitive, performance, motivation and confidence. Download a PDF of the presentation Congestion pricing, Grattan Institute

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