26 September 2013 — For every student that enrols in Carbon Training International’s online Certificate IV in Carbon Management for the remainder of 2013, Carbon Training International (CTI) will donate $100 to the Climate Council.

The Climate Council was established following last week’s axing of the government funded Climate Commission, to continue the work of providing credible and independent information to the public about the impacts of climate change.

“The establishment of the Climate Council is important for ensuring that the community has access to clear, independent advice about climate change and its effects on our economy, environment, security, and health,” said Richard Bolus, chief marketing officer of Carbon Training International. “CTI stands right behind the council’s establishment and the “$100 per student” is our way to support it.”

On Friday the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, IPCC, will release its fifth assessment report on climate change.

“To have expert scientists, such as Professor Flannery, provide journalists and the public with authoritative information is essential to ensure that the most current scientific findings about climate change are well represented,” Mr Bolus said.

The Certificate IV in Carbon Management has been selected as a good fit to support the work of the Climate Council because students learn how to performance manage the reduction of organisational greenhouse gas emissions.

For more information please visit www.co2ti.com

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