Caryn Kakas

By Tina Perinotto
19 April 2011 –
Property industry lobbyist Caryn Kakas was among the long line up of people today announced by the Gillard Government to sit on the Land Sector Working Group to examine the benefits and opportunities for the land sector under a carbon price.

Ms Kakas, who is executive director of the Residential Development Council, part of the Property Council of Australia,  told The Fifth Estate that she would act as representative for the Property Council on the group and explore the possibilities for property owners who may want to offset their carbon emissions with land based activities.

“There are opportunities in land that a lot of broader companies have looked at, in terms of  how to lessen their impact on the environment,” Ms Kakas said.

Issues of particular importance would be the potential for bio-banking, which exchanges protected land for development land, and offsets around landcare.

Minister for agriculture, fisheries and forestry, Joe Ludwig  said that agricultural emissions will not be included in a carbon price mechanism.

“However there are opportunities for the agricultural sector to participate in abatement measures through the Carbon Farming Initiative in order to reduce the effects of climate change,”  Mr Ludwig said.

Members of the Land Sector Working Group:

  • David Farley, Managing Director, AA Co
  • Graham Tupper, National Liaison Manager, Australian Conservation Foundation
  • Allan Hansard, Transitional Chief Executive Officer, Australian Forest Products Association (NAFI and A3P merged)
  • Tom Maguire, Chair, AMIC Climate Change Committee, Australian Meat Industry Council
  • Enzo Allara, Chair, Australian Pork Limited
  • Caryn Kakas, Executive Director, Australian Property Council
  • Mark Day, Chairman, Australian Sugar Milling Council
  • Richard Mulcahy, Chief Executive Officer, AusVeg
  • Peter Balsarini, Chief Executive Officer, Carbon Conscious
  • Neil Wandel, Chairman, CBH
  • Andrew Grant, Chief Executive Officer, CO2 Group
  • Doug Eddy, Federal President, Dairy Industry Association of Australia (Australian Dairy Industry Council)
  • Malcolm Jackman, Chief Executive Officer, Elders
  • Terry Edwards, Chief Executive Officer, Forest Industries Association of Tasmania
  • David Ginns, Corporate Affairs Manager, GrainCorp
  • Peter Melville, Manager, Natural Resources and Climate, Horticulture Australia Limited
  • John Berry, Director, JBS Swift
  • Snow Barlow, Member of Australian Landcare Council, Landcare
  • Robert Poole, General Manager Industry and Government Affairs, Murray-Goulburn Co-operative
  • Joe Morrison, Chief Executive Officer, North Australian Indigenous Land and Sea Management Alliance
  • Jock Laurie, President, National Farmers Federation
  • Sarah Ryan, National NRM Regions’ Working Group, NRM groups chair of regional chairs
  • Richard Haire, Chief Executive Officer, Qld Cotton Corp
  • Darren Thomas, Chief Executive Officer, T&R Pastoral
  • John Connor, Chief Executive Officer, The Climate Institute
  • Gary Hughes, Executive Manager – Malt Division, Viterra
  • •Jonathan Green, Manager of Natural Resources, Winemakers Federation
  • Greg Wellar, Executive Director, Wool Producers Australia
  • Andreas Dubs, Executive Director, Australian Chicken Meat Federation Australia
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