9 May 2012 –The Property Council of Australia, ClimateWorks and Seed Advisory has called on the Australian Energy Market Commission to streamline the grid connection process for embedded generators, and asked it to change the national electricity rules.

The Property Council said that the electricity rules needed to be changed to:

  • Provide an improved connection process for embedded generators that are ineligible for automatic access and a right of export.
  • Allow electricity network companies to charge an optional fee-for-service to promote collaboration with their customers.
  • Oblige electricity network companies to publish annual network reports identifying where capacity is limited.
  • Provide an automatic right of connection to the grid and standard access terms. This would apply to generators that meet automatic access standards.
  • Enable embedded generators a right to export electricity to the grid.

“These improvements will replace electricity customers’ case-by-case negotiations with a standard process that is clearer, more certain and efficient. These changes will also encourage greener energy without compromising the integrity of the national electricity grid,” the PCA in a statement on its submission.

“The proposal will deliver economic and societal benefits including: cheaper connection costs; lower payback periods on green energy investments;enhanced energy efficiency; a boost to productivity; adaptation to a low carbon economy;reduced demand on the electricity network, especially peak demand; and the potential to lower escalating electricity prices.

“As the built environment is responsible for around 23 percent of Australia’s emissions, reducing ‘green’ barriers will unleash significant carbon abatement and economic opportunities.”

Download the submission here