15 January 2013 — UPDATED: The California Air Resources Board has approved the American Carbon Registry as an Offset Project Registry for the California Cap-and-Trade Program launched in 2012.

The Board and American Carbon Registry will work together to oversee the registration and the issuing of registry offset credits developed using the board’s compliance or early action offset protocols.

UPDATE: 16 January 2013 – California’s greenhouse gas emissions dropped for the third straight year with power plants, cement facilities, oil refineries, general combustion sources and other facilities emitting 111 million tons of CO2e in 2011, according to numbers released by the California Air Resources Board.  Read more

Carbon Trade Exchange is the only exchange offering an electronic platform for American Carbon Registry. It offers a wholesale electronic trading platform for all major voluntary carbon standards, plus over-the-counter trade facilitation for the European Union’s emissions trading scheme including environmental upgrade agreements and certified emission reductions.

American Carbon Registry business development director Mary Grady said her company’s relationship with Carbon Trade Exchange offered “both buyers and sellers of ACR-registered offsets an efficient, transparent alternative to over-the-counter offset transactions”.

Meanwhile, Carbon Trade Exchange founder and chief executive officer Wayne Sharpe said as the world’s only electronic spot trading exchange for both ACR voluntary and registry offset credits, there were plans to expand its presence in the US market early in 2013.

“We are incredibly excited about the emergence of new carbon markets across the globe,” he said.
“With our current registry connections, we can now facilitate trading both in multiple compliance jurisdictions and in the worldwide voluntary market.

“CTX aims to continue to support the global growth of carbon markets with our unique infrastructure, and intends to work closely with international registries, credit standards and governments to provide the much needed technology to link international trading in emissions markets.”

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