Steffen Lehmann

27 August 2013 — A collection of essays on change and change agents in relation to sustainable design and behaviour in the built environment, edited by Robert Crocker and Steffen Lehmann, will be launched at the University of South Australia on 5 September.

The book, Motivating Change: Sustainable Design and Behaviour in the Built Environment, is part of the Earthscan Book Series on Sustainable Design published by Routledge in the UK.

Series editor Lehmann is based in Adelaide and is chair professor of Sustainable Design, director of the Zero Waste SA Centre for Sustainable Design & Behaviour and director of the China-Australia Centre on Sustainable Design, at the University of South Australia.

Crocker is a senior lecturer in the School of Art, Architecture and Design also at the University of South Australia.

The book explores, among other themes, the “shifting consumption from the costly individual practices of the present and past to more sustainable collective ones, through design-led community-based social innovation programs, and shared use ‘product service systems’,” the publishers say.

“In the essays the potential role of sustainable design as a behaviour-shaping process is explored, and its potential to ‘motivate change’ at different scales, and in different social, technological and psychological contexts, is demonstrated.

“From the book’s multidisciplinary perspective, ‘sustainable design’ in this way becomes a process that aims to reconfigure the complex and interdependent relationships that at present contribute, directly or indirectly, to our unsustainable ways of living, and our related environmental crisis.”

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