10 June –Federal government funding for an important councils based climate program will come to an end after 12 years.
According to ICLEI,  or Local Governments for Sustainability, funding for its Cities for Climate Protection program was terminated after the federal government’s “strategic review of its climate change programs” produced by The Wilkins Review.

“Regretfully, this means that ICLEI Oceania will end its CCP milestone support program and projects on 30 June 2009,” ICLEI Oceania said in a media statement, adding that it was making plans to ensure that councils could continue their climate change mitigation work.

ICLEI Oceania’s Chief Executive Officer Wayne Wescott, said the program had helped councils save over 18 million tonnes of greenhouse gases and around $95 million dollars in lower energy bills.

“Through CCP, Australian local governments have gained an international reputation for the solid, systematic and innovative work that they have done over this period of time,” Mr Westcott said.

ICLEI would continue to push forward with new programs including a CCP Partners Program and with new approaches such as Adaptive and Resilient Cities – developing a systematic approach to building adaptive capacity to climate change and Integrated Sustainability Services – working with sustainability reporting, integrated systems and aligned internal processes, Mr Westcott said.

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