Eden Project, UK

30 November 2011 – from The Economist –  Michael Pawlyn is a British architect with an affinity for the natural world. So he is passionate about biomimicry – a discipline that looks at nature’s best ideas to inspire solutions to human problems.

The Eden Project in Cornwall  https://www.eden-project.co.uk/ where Mr Pawlyn worked as a lead architect, is probably the best-known example of this approach. The pillowy and interlocking design of these biomes was influenced by dragonfly wings.

Since leaving Grimshaw, a British architecture firm, in 2007, Mr Pawlyn has concentrated exclusively on environmentally sustainable projects that are influenced by nature. One of his goals is to turn linear consumption models into cycles, whereby waste is used to fuel something else, much like the interdependency of ecosystems.

Earlier this autumn Mr Pawlyn published his first book, Biomimicry in Architecture.

See full story https://www.economist.com/blogs/prospero/2011/11/qa-michael-pawlyn

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