20 February 2013 — The need for action on climate change is being downplayed by billionaires hiding behind a network of “independent” groups, who manipulate politics on their behalf, writes George Monbiot in Secrets of the Rich published in The Guardian. Monbiot says two secretive organisations working for US billionaires have spent $118million to ensure that no action is taken to prevent manmade climate change. The two organisations, the Donors’ Trust and the Donors’ Capital Fund, were set up as political funding channels for people handing over $1m or more, he writes. “They have financed 102 organisations which either dismiss climate science or downplay the need to take action. The large number of recipients creates the impression that there are many independent voices challenging climate science. These groups, working through the media, mobilising gullible voters and lobbying politicians, helped to derail Obama’s cap and trade bill and the climate talks at Copenhagen. Now they’re seeking to prevent the US president from trying again.”

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