Bill McGibben

14 May 2013 — Author, climate campaigner and co-founder Bill McKibben is visiting Australia for his “Global Warming: Do the Maths” tour.

Public talks will be held in Sydney on June 4, Canberra on June 5 and 6, Melbourne on June 7 and Brisbane on June 9.

After each of the Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane events, Australia is hosting special receptions for Mr McKieen.

Do the Maths started last July in the US with the publication of Mr McKibben’s article Global Warming’s Terrifying New Math in Rolling Stone magazine.

The article highlighted the fossil fuel industry’s plans to burn more than five times the carbon that can be afforded to burn to avoid climate catastrophe.

In Australia, he’ll be talking about this country’s “hugely significant role” with planned massive expansion of coal mining and export one of a handful of projects in the world that would take the planet beyond the point of no return if they were to go ahead.

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