12 February 2013 – Better Place, the battery swapping network for electric cars, is winding down its Australian and North American operations. a move widely expected in recent weeks. But the reasons are not so bad. Renault, for instance,  is working on a battery you can charge at home in only 30 minutes, wiping out the dreaded fear of being caught between battery swapping stations.

Most people are quite happy to reboot the car at home and it makes sense you could be happy to use the electric car for quick or moderate city trips and hire something conventional for the long haul.

And other groups of operators are working on EV networks that promise improvements on current models.

See our recent roundup of news of the resignation of Evan Thornley as chief executive officer of Better Place after only a few months.

Environmental Leader says Better Place’s commercial operations are already fully underway in the company’s “two core markets,” Denmark and its home country Israel and that sales of new electric cars are also gathering momentum in the two countries.

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