5 September 2012 — Better measurement of fugitive emissions from coal seam gas mining, particularly at the wellhead, would help more accurately calculate fugitive emissions and better measure the impact that CSG extraction is having on Australia’s greenhouse gas emissions, according to a study by The Australia Institute.

The report, Measuring Fugitive Emissions: Is coal seam gas a viable bridging fuel?, says the consequences of underestimating fugitive emissions from CSG is two-fold: is blunt the efficacy of the recently introduced carbon price, as firms will not be paying the tax on all of their emissions; it also prevents correctly calculating Australia’s contribution to climate change. “This underestimate may be inadvertently making it harder for the world to limit the warming effect of climate change below the environmental tipping point of two degrees,” the report says. Meanwhile, Australian Greens Senator Christine Milne said her party was calling for a five-year moratorium on coal seam gas.