6 June 2012 – Australian Living has formed the Sustainable Home Community Education Taskforce that hopes to promote the benefits of building a sustainable home and stimulate an increase in the number of sustainable homes being built across Australia.

The company’s  managing director Cameron Rosen said there was “a lot of great work being done around sustainability at an industry level and many seeds are being planted”.

Mr Rosen said the taskforce would develop creative ways to reach the community, increase collaboration and transparency within the industry,  inject inspiration into the community, drive the community towards sustainable material choice and educate the community about how to make a home truly sustainable.

The taskforce team includes marketing specialists from the residential industry, councils, government departments, community-oriented businesses and environmental advocates from the non-profit sector.

Members include: Kate Kelly – Landcom, Nata Mileto – Verosol, Karim Muri – Kingspan, Sarah Fathinia – Bluescope Lysaght, Leanne Croker – Daily Telegraph, Eminé Mehmet – Sustainability Thought Leader, Interior Designer, Writer, Speaker, Mungo Ryman – NSW Office of Environment and Heritage, Angelique Peck – Rylock, Katrina Brooks – Mirvac, Daniel Kavo and Bob Bornstein – Boral, Nicola Faith – Willoughby Council, Moonmoon Sahu – Sekisui House, Daphna Tal, Cameron Rosen and Anthony Lieberman – Australian Living, Grant Daly – Master Builders Association of New South Wales, Tanya Ha – Environmental Campaigner, Tessa Nelson, Neva Poole – Radio 2UE, Lisa Heinze – Sustainability Author, Michael Ryan – Active Media Group and Sam Crawford and Karen Erdos – Sam Crawford Architects.