11 June 2014 — Australia has been awarded Fossil of the Day at UN climate talks in Bonn, Germany for its backwards stance on climate change.

The award, given by the international Climate Action Network to the country that has done the most to block progress on climate change, is the second to be handed to Australia, following on from last year’s Warsaw climate change talks to which Australia refused to send a government representative.

Last year it was for planning to rescind the carbon tax, failing to take independent advice to raise carbon pollution reduction targets and blocking progress in negotiations. This year, it’s Prime Minister Tony Abbott’s “stupendously brazen denial of the catastrophic risks posed by climate change in his effort to form an alliance of ‘like minded’ countries opposed to action on climate change”.

A CAN spokeswoman said the new alliance between Australian and Canada was already being dubbed as “the flat earth society”, and that Australia was reportedly reaching out to the UK and India in an attempt to dismantle the global drive to introduce carbon pricing.

The spokeswoman also called out Mr Abbott’s recent comments that the upcoming G20 summit in Brisbane should focus on boosting the economy, and climate change should be off the agenda.

“Prime Minister Abbott must have missed the IPCC memo which spells out that climate change is the economic problem facing our age – it’s already costing us, but it doesn’t cost the earth to save the world,” she said.

“He is clearly looking for recognition of his visionary approach to climate change, and CAN is proud to be among the first to step out and congratulate his dedication to the fossilised past.”