5 July 2012 ­ – Australia has emerged as one of world’s top three real estate markets for transparency in real estate sustainability and is also tipped to outperform in this key area, according to Jones Lang LaSalle.

Director of sustainability at Jones Lang LaSalle Australia, Joel Quintal said that along with the UK and France, Australia was recognised in the company’s  Global Real Estate Transparency Index as one of the leaders out of 28 counties when it comes to real estate sustainability.

The index covers issues such as energy efficiency benchmarking and green building rating systems.

“Our market is a world leader in this regard.  Australia has been the test bed for new environmental laws, regulations and incentives and there are a number of industry organisations that have taken the lead on this issue who have contributed greatly to Australia’s top three ranking,” Mr Quintal said.

The inclusion sustainability demonstrated the importance of environmental sustainability as an emerging key transparency factor in real estate, he said.

Managing director, investment and advisory group John Talbot said “This new sustainability index further substantiates our view that the Australian market will outperform in key areas including sustainability.

“The requirement to meet responsible investing principles is greater than we have ever seen and will continue to grow as investors and shareholders become increasingly aware of the value of green,” said Mr Talbot.