9 October 2013 — 11 October is International Day of The Girl, and Aussie charity One Girl is calling on Australians to complete challenges in school dresses to raise awareness and funds, enabling women and girls in Sierra Leone to get an education and break the poverty cycle.

One Girl’s “Do It In A Dress” campaign is a response to an urgent crisis: not only are there 60 million girls globally not in school, but in Sierra Leone, the most disadvantaged girls are more likely to be sexually assaulted than attend high school.

The movement was launched by two Melbourne entrepreneurs, Chantelle Baxter and David Dixon, who an opportunity to make a difference by tackling disempowerment of women and girls in Sierra Leone through a lack of access to education,

“Do It In A Dress taps into the good-natured Aussie love of a laugh, as well as our genuine spirit of compassion and a fair go,” said One Girl cofounder Dave Dixon.

“People often feel disempowered when a problem is too big – but the impact of sending just one girl to school is huge and undeniable. She will marry later, have a smaller and healthier family, and for every year a girl stays in school she’ll increase her income by at least 10 per cent, investing 90 per cent of it back into her family,” said cofounder Chantelle Baxter.

“Educating a girl improves the local economy more than any other type of investment, and is the pathway out of poverty.”

Funds raised will provide girls with access to education through scholarships, school rehabilitation and the delivery of biodegradable, culturally appropriate sanitary pads through a network of female entrepreneurs and school systems.

For more information visit www.doitinadress.com

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