7 November 2013 — Sir Ernest Shackleton led a gruelling Antarctic expedition and subsequent rescue mission in 1914-16 (which involved a 1500km crossing of the Southern Ocean in a 22.5-foot wooden life boat and traversing the treacherous mountains of South Georgia on foot) to ensure the survival of his 28-man crew.

In January/February 2013, Arup colleague Tim Jarvis AM led a successful re-enactment of Shackleton’s amazing feat, the story of which will be told in a Discovery Network documentary that goes to air on SBS from November 23.

Arup are now offering a second series of their exciting one-day leadership program “Chart Your Course”, based on Margot Morrell’s best-selling book Shackleton’s Way, which draws on the techniques used by Shackleton to lead and sustain his crew.

The “Chart your Course” program is designed to equip business leaders with practical skills and experiences to better navigate the challenges faced in a highly constrained economic environment.

It aims to help unleash the full potential of your team, communicate effectively with your crew, sustain motivation during tough times and achieve your personal and business goals.

The course, delivered by Arup principal – strategic design Steve Lennon, has been highly rated by previous participants, who have found the experience valuable and enjoyable.

Full details of the program, being offered in Sydney and Melbourne in December 2013, can be found on Arup’s website.

The program is strictly limited to 15 places.