Brief – 5 May, 2010 – A carbon tax proposed by five Labor MP’s to Prime Minister Rudd has received welcome support from the Greens, according to a statement released today.

The Greens said their proposal for a levy on the biggest polluters would be the “fastest and most effective way” to implement a carbon tax, with Greens Deputy Leader Senator Christine Milne expressing the need for the government to embrace the Greens’ plan.

“The Greens’ carbon levy proposal is on the table and we stand ready to work with the government to get it through the parliament before the election so Australia can get cracking with climate action,” she said.

“It is heartening to read that young Australians are demanding real climate action from their MPs and that those MPs are getting the message loud and clear.

“Mr Rudd would be well-advised to listen to this message and embrace the Greens’ carbon levy proposal which, after all, comes from his own key climate adviser, Ross Garnaut.

“If Mr Rudd is still committed to an emissions trading scheme, this carbon levy is designed so that it can be seamlessly transformed into such a scheme down the track. Alternatively, it can be strengthened into a full scale carbon tax.

“In the discussions that I commenced with Minister Wong, we certainly did not reach any substantive obstacles that could not be dealt with through serious negotiations.”

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