Alan Pears

Alan Pears

By Lyn Drummond

20 March 2011 – Energy All-Star awards, initiated by the Australian Alliance to Save Energy, not only recognised excellence but inspired new generations of energy efficiency and smarter energy practitioners, the alliance’s chief executive officer, Chris Dunstan told The Fifth Estate.

“Recognition for the achievements of people working in these areas has been a long time coming and the industry has been very positive about the awards’?introduction, “ he said.

“These awards acknowledge four individuals who have made outstanding contributions to energy efficiency, distributed generation and peak demand management.”

Awards went to Adjunct Professor Alan Pears (RMIT University, Melbourne), Dr Muriel Watt, head of energy policy and photovoltaics at IT Power (Australia) and chair of the Australian PV Association and Dr David Crossley, managing director of Energy Futures Australia and senior advisor to the regulatory assistance project.

The A2SE handed out a fourth special award to posthumously recognise is founder, Peter Szental,
The awards were presented at the inaugural summer study for energy efficiency and decrentralised energy held in Sydney from 29 February to 2 March.

The event brought together more than 250 representatives from industry, community and government to profile international achievements in energy efficiency and explore the opportunities and barriers that exist within Australia.

Details of the winners:

  • Adjunct Professor Alan Pears was awarded the energy all-star award for energy efficiency for his work advocating for improved energy efficiency in Australia for more than 30 years.  Dr. Pears has been instrumental in bringing to life some of Australia’s most important energy efficiency initiatives such as the Home Energy Advisory Service, public information and education, appliance energy labelling and mandatory building insulation regulations.
  • Dr Muriel Watt, who received a similar award for distributed generation, is one of Australia’s authorities on solar photovoltaic technology and internationally recognised for her contribution to the solar industry. The award recognises her personal commitment to advancing the energy sector in Australia, encouraging the uptake of solar in the energy mix in order to advance distributed generation.
  • Dr David Crossley received his award for peak demand management for his more than 30 years of outstanding leadership in policy and practice in demand management both in Australia and abroad. He played a key role in the first phase of demand management in Australia as the inaugural director of energy planning for the Victorian Government in the 1980s and was also responsible for planning and establishing the Sustainable Energy Development Authority, NSW. He has also contributed to important projects for the International Energy Agency Demand Side Management Program and has worked with the Regulatory Assistance Project in providing assistance on demand management and energy efficiency to government, regulators and the electricity industry in China.

About the Australian Alliance to Save Energy

The Australian Alliance to Save Energy is an independent, not-for-profit coalition of business, government and environmental leaders. It supports the widespread introduction of the world’s best practices and technologies in energy efficiency.