26 April 2012  – The Department of Climate Change and Energy Efficiency will launch a guide to heating, ventilation, airconditioning/high energy system strategy at the ARBS 2012 exhibition and conference in Melbourne on 8 May.

The HVAC High Energy System Strategy is a 10 year strategy under the joint Commonwealth, State and Territory National Strategy on Energy Efficiency. It focuses on ways to achieve long-term energy efficiency improvements in the installation, operation and maintenance of the HVAC systems in commercial buildings.

The DCCE  has developed the HVAC/HESS Guide to Best Practice Maintenance and Operations of HVAC Systems for Energy Efficiency for typical HVAC systems installed in commercial office buildings. Target audience comprises building owners, facility managers, building occupants, maintenance service providers, maintenance technicians, control and commissioning specialists, design engineers and energy maintenance auditors.

Dr Andrew Ivory of the Commercial Building Team at the DCCEE  will launch the guide at 11.am at the conference venue the Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre.

For details see the ARBS website