29 July 2014 — The Australian Conservation Foundation and the Conservation Council of Western Australia have spoken out strongly against the WA Environmental Protection Agency’s conditional approval of Cameco’s proposed uranium mine situated adjacent to Kalamilyi National Park.

“Uranium mining is a high risk, low return activity where the proven risks far outweigh any promised rewards,” said ACF campaigner Dave Sweeney.

“Uranium is currently trading at US$28 a pound. Cameco has stated it will not mine unless the uranium prices reaches upwards of US$75/lb. The EPA is recommending a green light for yellowcake when the company has stated the finances and the plan don’t stack up.

“Uranium mining poses unique risks and long term human and environmental hazards. It demands the highest level of scrutiny and assessment – instead we have a lower order EPA report based on the hope of ‘satisfactory implementation by the proponent of the recommended conditions’. This inadequate approach is out of step with community expectations and fails to reflect the uranium sectors proven history of leaks and failure.”

Appeals against the decision are being accepted until 11 August. Find all the details, including the EPA report, Cameco’s response to public submissions during the previous public consultations, and appeals forms here.