2 November 2011 – The Fifth Estate has taken the unusual step of becoming a media partner in a survey by  Connection Research, to analyse the attitudes and behaviours  about sustainability and energy efficiency by commercial property owners, tenants and managers.

Better understanding of this will help fast track sustainable change in the industry and this is right in line with our own mission.

There are also three short questions about The Fifth Estate which will help us better serve your needs, so we encourage all our readers to participate, whether your company or employer is big or small.

Some background
Connection Research was founded in 2005 to conduct research and analysis into changing technologies in the home and in the commercial space. In 2008 the company’s emphasis shifted into environmental and sustainable issues, at the domestic, consumer and corporate levels.

According to managing director of the company William Ehmcke, “sustainability is the most important issue facing business and society in the 21st Century.

“Our research activities are directed towards supporting our clients in understanding the key issues and in developing strategies to confront those issues.  Over the past four years the company has contributed to the understanding of Sustainability business issues and worked with many government agencies, at a state and federal level, most of the energy utilities and with a significant number of industry associations, and the major construction and equipment companies in Australia.”

Connection Research has also conducted major studies in both the residential and commercial office space.

In mid-2011 the company completed the Interconnected Home study, which addressed a broad range of issues about how the consumer is tackling the high costs of energy, and how this translates into alternative behaviours and investments in sustainability.

This new research program is called the Interconnected Office. Its aim is to find how the office environment is responding to the increasing costs of energy.

“The built environment is the second largest consumer of energy in Australia, after transport,” Mr Ehmcke said. “Much of the energy efficiency debate has focused on the residential sector, but that accounts for only 21 per cent of all energy usage, commercial and construction is much bigger, representing 33 per cent of the total, and most of that energy usage is in offices.

“Many pieces of state and federal legislation and building codes will directly impact how both facilities managers and tenants respond to issues of sustainability and energy.

“The results of this work will be used to inform aspects of the sales and marketing of electricity, and the management of supply and tariffing. Our clients also include major equipment provides in the HVAC sector and lighting industries who use our research and analysis in sales and marketing campaigns, and strategic decision making.

“The participation of many tenants and industry professionals will ensure the accuracy of data and opinions.”

The survey is quick to complete. Please take a few moments and help our industry move ahead.