Gunter Pauli

15 January 2013 — The 8th World Congress on Zero Emissions will be held by the Zero Emissions Research Initiative in Madrid from 22-27 April 2013.

ZERI founder Gunter Pauli said the congress would focus on “How Blue Economy Business Models shift Competitiveness beyond Globalization”.

Mr Pauli said when he presented his sustainable business guide, Blue Economy, as a report to the Club of Rome in 2010 he could not have imagined that by 2012 more than one million copies would have been distributed in 37 languages.

“It is so encouraging that after the initial 100 cases on the web, new business models continue to emerge which gives me the confidence that a shift is really occurring,” he said

“The design of a new business model for fisheries that uses no nets, consumes no fossil fuel and increases the value to the fishermen by factor 5, first implemented in Morocco, and now expanding to Indonesia is one example.

“Dr Catia Bastioli, who now invests €500 million in the first biorefinery solely using agricultural waste that would not be ploughed back into the soil, demonstrates that the proposals of the Blue Economy are reaching mainstream.

“It is against this background that the ZERI community of 27 groups around the world has decided that it is time to call for the 8th World Congress on Zero Emissions.”

Mr Pauli said the congress would start on 22-23 April, 2013 with a seminar in Spanish on how to create a business without experience or money.

Then the Congress, in cooperation with the Spanish Ministry of Industry, Energy and Tourism, will present “most exciting” new cases of the Blue Economy.

There will also be events in Tokyo, Chattanooga, Jakarta, Windhoek, Manizales and Hawaii.

Participation is by invitation only. Email

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