15 July 2013 — Following our article on cross-laminated timber, here’s a video of a project by Austrian company CREE GmbH on their LifeCycle Tower ONE building.

The eight-storey building in Dornbirn, Austria was constructed over eight days. The company says their timber and concrete hybrid technology enables architects to design wood buildings up to 30 storeys, which can be erected as quickly as a storey a day.

The wall facades are made from glue-laminate posts (also known as glulam), while the floor slabs are constructed from a hybrid of glue-laminate posts and concrete.

The company says their building system requires 39 per cent fewer resources over the life of the building and by combining wood and concrete together substantially reduces the amount of concrete used in the building, resulting in a lighter structure, with a smaller foundation and up to 90 per cent lower CO2 emissions.

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