Tree clearing in Queensland 1991-1999

6 June 2013 –  The Brisbane Times has published a map to show where its budget is being spent. Click on the link below to see. Meanwhile posted here is the Brisbane Regional Environment Council’s map of tree clearing in Queensland 1991-1991.

Brisbane got a capital funding boost worth about $3.3 billion when the Newman Government promised a surplus and slashes to cost-of-living expenses in last year’s budget.

But a $5.3 billion collapse in revenue has not only forced Treasurer Tim Nicholls to defer the surplus for another year, scratch electricity rebates and lift state taxes, he’s had to cut capital spending too.

This year’s budget documents show about $2.8 billion of $11 billion in capital purchases has been allocated to Brisbane. There’s also an overall spending hole worth about $1 billion overall.

Read more: out-20130605-2nqdp.html#ixzz2VOJ0LI2i

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