Jerry Yudelson

5 October 2011 – US green building and sustainability consultant Jerry Yudelson, has been named one of the first class of LEED fellows by the Green Building Certification Institute (GBCI), an offshoot of the US Green Building Council that certifies LEED projects globally.

Mr Yudelson, dubbed the “Godfather of Green” in a issue of Wired magazine, was one of 34 people acknowledged with the distinction.
He told Wired magazine that zero net energy homes are the next major trend in homebuilding.

Homes could be made to produce as much energy as they consume, he said.

First cut energy use 75 per cent or more below a standard or “code” home, then add up to five kilowatts of solar panels.

The real trick, he says, “is to make the home so efficient that it can heat itself with internal loads such as lights and refrigerators and natural sunlight coming through highly efficient windows.”

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Eco districts

Mr Yudelson was expected to lead a workshop at the Greenbuild expo in Toronto on 5 October on eco districts and sustainable campus planning.

He said: “The next major evolution of the green building and zero carbon movement will be at the district scale, where it’s easier and more economical to deal with energy supply, water system management and waste recycling than at the individual building scale.”

A zero-net-energy building is one that produces as much energy as it consumes on an annual basis, typically using solar or wind resources  See