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New appointments for MWH

Vaughan Pearce, a design engineer with 20 years of experience, joins MWH’s Sydney office as manager of its water planning and design team. He comes to MWH from an Australian agribusiness company, where his most recent role involved leading an engineering design team of 14 with a focus on project delivery from design through construction […]

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Call for Help – How does this client build a sustainable carbon neutral arts centre in Queensland?

By Art Centre Client-in-Waiting… “Hi…you don’t know me name is (withheld)…let’s say I’m working for an independent school in Queensland, and let’s say they want me to oversee the design and construction of a new arts centre…and let’s say I think that the arts centre should focus on “sustainable practice” and be a […]

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BRIEF: New ideas give bikes the edge in city traffic

As traffic congestion reaches crisis point in cities around the world, companies large and small are responding with some interesting solutions to help get cars off the road. Springwise business ideas newsletter reported recently on some innovative bicycle schemes and products popping up around the globe, including an Australian-first in Queensland. In Brisbane, Queensland transport […]

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Walk with the elephant – Sustainable development as re-embedding: Nature verses Ego

By Greg Paine

Sustainable development is about a whole: about seeing things systemically and with regard to all the connections – and implications – of what we do. Critically, it also is about exploring the variety of solutions that are usually available to any problem or task and which are invariably embedded within this whole, if only we look beyond our usual habits and answers.

But the contemporary Western tradition has, for some time, eschewed the whole in favour of the powerful tool of understanding and invention that is the breaking down and analysis of something by its parts. And as the issues – like sustainable development itself – get larger, the predilection for addressing such large questions and dilemmas via a process of fragmentation into ever smaller, seemingly manageable parts only seems to grow.

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Notes from the Royal Institute of British Architects' 175th anniversary

–  with best regards to Paul Keating By Peter Droege… The audience in the near-full auditorium expected turmoil, demonstrations and heckling after calls from the “modernist” camp to boycott the event. The Prince had written to Sheikh Hamad bin Jaber Jasim al-Thani, urging the Quatari Prime Minister and member of its royal family to seek […]

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BRIEF: Businesses urged to boost productivity by greening buildings

Businesses are being urged to join the green building revolution and boost their productivity through a new joint-funded Rudd and Brumby Government public awareness campaign and a dedicated website. Building and Plumbing Industry Commissioner and Chair of the World Green Buildings Council, Tony Arnel, said the campaign would help businesses improve their profitability by thinking […]

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Grants: Roof insulation, solar energy, business projects and school programs…put your hand up now

The Re-tooling for Climate Change program is one of the three elements of the $240 million Clean Business Australia initiative. The other elements are the Climate Ready Program and the Green Building Fund. The Re-tooling for Climate Change program ($75 million over four years) will help small and medium sized Australian manufacturers reduce their environmental […]

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The GreenHouse

by Romilly Madew… Just in the last few weeks, the Green Building Council of Australia’s fitout of its Sydney office – the GreenHouse – was short-listed for a National Interior Design Award. We’re particularly excited about this award nomination, which demonstrates that even small, low cost and fast fitouts can achieve high environmental standards. One […]

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FEEDBACK – on Green Roofs are a cool idea.

by Sidonie Carpenter – President, Green Roofs Australia. Its with great interest that I read your article on Green Roofs are a Cool Idea, parts one and two, published in The Fifth Estate. It is great to see and hear of so much conversation regarding green roofs finally happening in Australia. It’s definitely a very […]

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Ché Wall steps down from the Green Building Council

Ché Wall leaves a huge legacy for the green building movement: “I remain committed to… driving deep, fast, low-cost carbon emissions cuts via energy efficiency improvements in existing non-residential buildings” By Tina Perinotto… After seven years at the helm of the green building revolution, Ché Wall has stepped down as director of the Green Building […]

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Sustainability and Poverty

by Harry Partridge… Pursuing the goals of sustainability, and pursuing them rigorously and with good intent seems often to fall short. The goals themselves are usually plural, multi-purposed and often conflicting. An example from the built environment is the debate between creating housing with a thermal sink of heavy masonry construction, and housing of lightweight […]

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Small businesses act to reduce energy costs

by Lynne Blundell… Small businesses are keen to reduce their carbon footprint, not to mention their energy bills, if the early morning turnout at North Sydney Council’s breakfast launch of its Green Business Energy $aving Program is anything to go by. More than 32 local businesses turned up at the 8am launch on May 12 […]

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BRIEF – Local councils in sustainable demonstration house

For less than $15,000, three Sydney councils have demonstrated how to change the sustainability profile of an existing house. Randwick City Council, Woollahra Municipal Council and Waverley Council have joined forces to develop a sustainable demonstration house, which provides residents, visitors and students the opportunity to see working examples of practical sustainability measures that they […]

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Brief: World Business Summit on Climate Change

The world’s most powerful chief executive officers and managing directors are meeting in Copenhagen 24-26 May, (See Che Wall’s report in Spinifex) ahead of the world’s most powerful climate change politicians meeting also meeting in Copenhagen in December this year, to decide how business can deliver the tools to head off serious climate change. Among […]