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FEEDBACK – on Green Roofs are a cool idea.

by Sidonie Carpenter – President, Green Roofs Australia. Its with great interest that I read your article on Green Roofs are a Cool Idea, parts one and two, published in The Fifth Estate. It is great to see and hear of so much conversation regarding green roofs finally happening in Australia. It’s definitely a very […]

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Ché Wall steps down from the Green Building Council

Ché Wall leaves a huge legacy for the green building movement: “I remain committed to… driving deep, fast, low-cost carbon emissions cuts via energy efficiency improvements in existing non-residential buildings” By Tina Perinotto… After seven years at the helm of the green building revolution, Ché Wall has stepped down as director of the Green Building […]

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Sustainability and Poverty

by Harry Partridge… Pursuing the goals of sustainability, and pursuing them rigorously and with good intent seems often to fall short. The goals themselves are usually plural, multi-purposed and often conflicting. An example from the built environment is the debate between creating housing with a thermal sink of heavy masonry construction, and housing of lightweight […]

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Small businesses act to reduce energy costs

by Lynne Blundell… Small businesses are keen to reduce their carbon footprint, not to mention their energy bills, if the early morning turnout at North Sydney Council’s breakfast launch of its Green Business Energy $aving Program is anything to go by. More than 32 local businesses turned up at the 8am launch on May 12 […]

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BRIEF – Local councils in sustainable demonstration house

For less than $15,000, three Sydney councils have demonstrated how to change the sustainability profile of an existing house. Randwick City Council, Woollahra Municipal Council and Waverley Council have joined forces to develop a sustainable demonstration house, which provides residents, visitors and students the opportunity to see working examples of practical sustainability measures that they […]

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Brief: World Business Summit on Climate Change

The world’s most powerful chief executive officers and managing directors are meeting in Copenhagen 24-26 May, (See Che Wall’s report in Spinifex) ahead of the world’s most powerful climate change politicians meeting also meeting in Copenhagen in December this year, to decide how business can deliver the tools to head off serious climate change. Among […]

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Tenants forgive faults in green buildings

By Tina Perinotto… In a sign that the sustainable building industry is coming of age,  developer and energy consultancy Szencorp has revealed a “warts and all” report on its refurbished 6 star Green Star building in South Melbourne. According to Peter Szental, managing director of Szencorp, (a TFE sponsor) the Building Use Study benchmarked the […]

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Green building movement gains new "inclusive" energy

By Tina Perinotto… It’s amazing how quickly a targeted discussion about an important issue can gain momentum. At the Green Cities conference in Brisbane in early March this year, inevitable musings over the question of where to next for the green building movement have sparked what looks like a new wave of enthusiasm from a […]

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News from the front desk – Issue No 3

Built environment plays Cinderella at the Carbon Ball The built environment: a $38 billion prize in waiting By Tina Perinotto So the mining lobby wins again. The Carbon Pollution Reduction Scheme, flawed and ineffectual as it may be, set back another year. Make no mistake, the enemy here is the coal lobby. And its cohorts […]

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Grocon builds for a carbon constrained economy

Pixel on Grocon’s Melbourne Carlton brewery site, designed by Studio 505: a laboratory for new green architecture … “Nobody can tell you accurately what the financial impost will be of the cost of a carbon constrained economy,” says David Waldren by Tina Perinotto FAVOURITES – 6 May 2009 – Private developer Grocon is pushing ahead […]

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CASE STUDY – Workplace6 a star performer for Pyrmont

The recently opened Workplace6 is part of the third stage of Sydney’s Darling Island Master Plan. The site, opposite Star City Casino on the waterfront at Darling Island, is managed by the Sydney Harbour Foreshore Authority (SHFA). SHFA initiated the contract for a benchmark building in environmental design and construction with GPT, in conjunction with […]

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MOPOKE – Green roofs part Two

FAVOURITES – 6 MAY 2009 -The second and final part of an article on rooftop gardens by Liz Morgan. What is a green roof? Variously called green roofs, eco-roofs, rooftop gardens, vegetated rooftops, sky gardens, and so on, all rooftop green spaces are basically lightweight, engineered roofing systems that enable the growth of vegetation on […]

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Greenhouse gas abatement needs the building sector on side

By Romilly Madew…

Commercial and residential buildings account for 23 per cent of Australia’s annual emissions – making the built environment sector vital in any carbon pollution reduction scheme.

The Australian Government’s proposed Carbon Pollution Reduction Scheme (CPRS) won’t have an impact on Australia’s built environment, and so won’t achieve reductions in the very sector where emissions are both significant and most easily achieved.

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Greatest Energy Efficiency Opportunities Remain Untapped

by Peter Szental The Council of Australian Governments’ (COAG) draft National Strategy on Energy Efficiency makes important steps, but leaves the building sector out in the cold and Australia’s greatest energy efficiency opportunities untapped. Investing in energy efficiency is more than a double-dividend. Energy efficiency creates green jobs, improves Australia’s economic competitiveness, cuts greenhouse pollution […]

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Darebin Council works on climate change action plan

Local government action: Darebin Council in Victoria is working with the local community and businesses to implement a Community Climate Change Action Plan to reduce community greenhouse emissions across its municipality. To help develop the plan the Council has established a Community Climate Change Reference Group with representatives of diverse community organisations. It has also […]