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Tim Williams: How communities can cope, and grow, from major occupational upheavals

The coming workplace upheavals, brought by automation and accelerated by Covid, will challenge not just the “hands-on” professions but an increasingly under-employed and un-protected segment of knowledge workers too. Looking back on East London in the 90s, and the scaling back of production at Dagenham’s Ford factory, Tim Williams finds communities can in fact benefit […]

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Atlassian’s new HQ at Sydney’s Tech Central lures long time Lendlease talent

The chance to work on Atlassian’s new hybrid timber Sydney headquarters was enough to lure Lendlease sustainability manager Matt Williams to join LCI Consultants as principal of the sustainability team, after nearly 20 years with his former employer. The building services consultancy has managed to snag a spot alongside Stantec to do the building services […]