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COP26: Why keeping 1.5 alive is critical for a reef ‘in danger’

Earlier this year, the UNESCO World Heritage Committee recommended the Great Barrier Reef (GBR) be inscribed on the List of World Heritage in Danger due to climate-induced risk. They stated, there is “no possible doubt that the property is facing ascertained danger.”  The recommendation followed a review of policy and risk mitigation approaches, including the […]

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Jobs News: Junglefy grows with several high level hires, and our pick of the jobs

Demand for healthier, more attractive buildings in the wake of the pandemic has seen biophilic engineers and landscapers Junglefy expand the business with a slew of key new hires.  Offering a range of living infrastructure including green walls, roofs, facades and podiums, the company continues to work with major developers like Lendlease and Mirvac, as […]

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Three decrees of separation: I mean, could Covid dramatically alter our urban landscape?

Throughout 2020-2021, almost in concert, governments worldwide issued three decrees of separation designed to counter the spread of the insidious COVID-19.  The First Decree of Separation was “stay-at-home” or “shelter-in-place”—a kind of home detention without the ankle bracelet. Sure, you could venture outdoors but only for essential purposes, for food or exercise and only briefly. Mask wearing […]

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Evaporative cooling for your home – have the benefits drifted away?

Summers in Australia are getting hotter. Does evaporative cooling remain a viable option for cooling Australian homes, or is modern refrigerative cooling the way to go? Spoiler alert: fans of evaporative cooling may not like this article. If you have “evap” cooling in your home – and love it – that’s great, enjoy it! Some people praise the […]

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Educating Alan Tudge: Is critical thinking the missing link in Australia’s unsustainable education system?

Teaching critical thinking is a foremost goal of education. We need this for understanding ourselves, others, and the unprecedented challenges that lie before us, like climate change. So, how is our education system performing under the close watch of our political leaders? A critical look reveals a lot to criticise Alan Tudge, of course, is […]

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Ken McBryde looking to maximise impact with global design firm Gensler

JOBS CHATTER: One of Australia’s most sustainably-minded architects, Ken McBryde has joined major American firm Gensler, with an eye to maximising his positive effect on the planet. McBryde will act as a design director, guiding Gensler’s local operations down an ambitiously sustainable path – when he’s not pursuing his other passion for racing old motorcycles […]

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Apartment towers? No thanks

The recent catastrophic failure of the apartment tower in Miami causes one to pause and reflect on their siting and utility. My first thought took me back to the Salvation Army days of my childhood. Build upon the rock not on the sand, we sang. I much later discovered that this had echoes in the […]