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On so many ways to not waste a good crisis

News from the front desk No 478: There’s no shortage of optimistic commentary coming out urging us not to waste this crisis. Suddenly, we have hours to kill in self isolation to reconsider existing economic, environmental and social policy, and ponder over better options. With any luck, we’ll seize the opportunity to embark on economic […]

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The budget on affordable housing: a great start, but there is more to do

For those of us that have been championing housing affordability and affordable housing (two very different issues), it’s great to see the federal government taking steps (some of us might say baby steps) towards providing a framework that could unlock significant investment in what amounts to critical economic infrastructure. Sufficient and suitable housing for all, […]

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Let’s Hack Housing: the policy dot points

Seven key policy agenda items emerged from The Fifth Estate’s Surround Sound on Housing: affordable/sustainable/innovative that can start to change the game for housing. They’ve been distilled from the event with contributions from our panelists, guests and readers and have been shaped to make a quick summary of thinking for the benefit of governments, government […]

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A Surround Sound on housing: sustainable/affordable/disruptive

Housing is one of the touchstones of this year. We’ve seen prices soar and decent housing is now unaffordable for many people, young and old. But great challenges stimulate responses, and never before in Australia has the potential for change seemed so great. Developers, designers, planners, architects, various levels of government, financiers, materials manufacturers and […]

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Australand breaks through the affordable multi-resi barrier with timber

Timber. Pre-fab. Affordable. Medium density. These are the sustainability buzzwords repeating in The Fifth Estate residential articles at the moment, and Australand has put all four together with its recently constructed The Green apartment complex in Parkville, Melbourne. And what’s more, it’s saving 25 per cent on construction costs, which Australand says could lead to […]